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As of November 2019, Jam City has introduced Disney Frozen Adventure, a match-three game featuring 465 levels set in Frozen's kingdom of Arendelle. The game takes a deep dive into the frozen world and steps it up a notch with "decoration experiences" in addition to your regular match-3 gameplay. A storyline that is authentic to Frozen is delivered through quests, adventures, multiple locations, and key players. As you explore and embark on an amazing journey around Arendelle and the Frozen world, you will find yourself in all-new Frozen adventures that will take you to familiar and new locations.


The game takes place in the kingdom of Arendelle, where we join Anna and Elsa in exploring the land, solving puzzles, decorating the castle, and exploring environments based on Walt Disney Animation Studios' Frozen 2. Its ability to transport you into Disney's iconic film settings is what makes this game so enjoyable. Before you can play, you must pick one of three characters: Anna, Elsa, or Olaf. Each of the characters will perform a different ability based on the matching Light Blue Crystals as you fill magic. When you complete a scene using snowflakes, the next scene will be revealed; at this point, the game shifts perspective and places you in a room where you can decorate and explore, so you are not looking down at the action but rather at eye level. With the 3D simulation of the game, you can explore surroundings and select the decorative options you prefer. More power-ups will be available as you make perfect matches throughout the game. You will encounter increasingly difficult levels as you progress, requiring the use of multiple snowflakes in order to accomplish tasks, and with more elements. However, you can use optional boosts if you find it really challenging. You can also purchase extra boosts such as unlimited lives, power-ups, and enhancements via bundles and coins at the Arendelle Market. Earn snowflakes to decorate the castle. Create a beautiful castle with hundreds of match-3 games.

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