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Muse Dash is a rhythm game developed by Peropero Games. It's very simple. Muse Dash has no story and focuses only on gameplay. Players only need two buttons, and two channels need attention. When the enemy crosses the hit box in the lane, the player presses the corresponding button. Sometimes players need to get into higher lanes to avoid saws on the ground. Sometimes players need to press two buttons quickly to defeat the mini boss. But the simplicity of the core remains. However, the game is not easy. It can range from pleasantly easy to extremely tough.


The early songs on Easy difficulty gently introduce you to the basic concepts of the game, but in the span of a few songs and the rapid progression to Hard difficulty, players will find that your thumbs get a serious workout. It's interesting. The feeling of being crushed perfectly in the hard part is unique,


Muse Dash games are fast and easy to master. It has the same tactile and swipe simplicity that anyone else who loves it enjoys quickly. Visually, the game looks good and meets the high visual standards players expect. Not only is the matching game well made, but the color depth of the characters is also excellent. The game's animations are seamless, which is impressive for a mobile game.


Muse Dash's track selection ranges from a variety of original J-Pop, K-Pop and synth dubs to beautiful songs. There are even some great funk and jazz mixes. What sets Muse Dash apart from other rhythm games is that characters in Muse Dash have health bars that take damage whenever the player collides with an enemy or other obstacle. While enemies are displayed in pink and blue to indicate which button to press to attack, players need to avoid hazards such as saw blades. These settings allow players to focus more on the beat than just the beat, as combat and rhythm go hand in hand.


Players will find fulfillment in Muse Dash. This is a great entry-level rhythm game with features on higher difficulty levels. Muse Dash has a game to enjoy the music and mechanics, because to get into it, the player needs to play the track multiple times. Every song in the game is good. All in all, this is an easy-to-play, fun rhythm game worth downloading.

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