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Muse Dash is a quirky little side-scrolling rhythm game developed by Japanese studio Peropero Games. Players need to play as one of three Japanese high school students. Players must attack and dodge incoming obstacles to the rhythm of the song in each stage, and must battle through waves of candy corn, robots, cat clouds, and floating ghost cars. The game has cute cartoon characters, so Muse Dash is a great option for kids who love music and rhythm games.


Muse Dash doesn't have a story, instead focusing only on gameplay. The game has 85 songs that players can play on easy, hard, or master difficulty levels. Choose a tune and enemies will fly towards you from the right side of the screen, whether in the air or on the ground, players just need to attack them in time with the music. Hit enough enemies successfully and the player gets a frenzy mode, which gives you extra points, and if the player reaches the end of the level, the player will fight a boss.


Muse Dash uses a simple control scheme that requires only two buttons. It also offers a variety of control customization options, so most players should be able to find a combination that works best for them. Best of all, the entire game can be played using only the touchscreen. Muse Dash's track selection ranges from a variety of original J-Pop, K-Pop, and synth dubstep into beautiful songs. There are even some great funk and jazz remixes. What makes Muse Dash different from other rhythm games is that the characters in Muse Dash have health bars that take damage whenever the player collides with an enemy or other obstacle. While enemies are displayed in pink and blue to indicate which button to press to attack, players need to avoid hazards such as saw blades. These settings allow players to focus more on the beat than just the beat. Arguably, these are perfectly usable mechanics, as fighting and pacing go hand in hand.


When Muse Dash works well, kids feel the same sense of accomplishment that they do when completing a fighting game combo. It's a great entry-level rhythm game with features on higher difficulty. The game's upbeat and energetic characters combined with its cartoony and playful aesthetic provide a fun way for kids to spend a fun evening. It's also a game that requires kids to enjoy the music and mechanics, since to get into it, players need to play the track multiple times. Rest assured that every song in the game is good. All in all, this is an easy-to-play and fun rhythm game that deserves your child's joy.

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