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Pocket Build is released in 2017 by British game publisher MoonBear Ltd. This adventure game allows players to build their own fantasy world without limitations and restrictions. The featured sandbox mode provides players with the opportunity to translate their own thoughts and ideas into visuals and create and shape the world to what they want from zero. Extreme freedom is all people can enjoy in this game. Some players feel “no point” in planning and construction, but this is exactly where this game is most attractive.


Though players will build something as large as a new world, loads of details can also be found and they’re amazing. If you’d like a farm, multiple options are available for fences, pathways, bridges, stairs, entrances, and many other elements, and you can also place people, water, animals and even goblins and giants as you wish. The game may not have everything to satisfy everybody at the moment, but the developing team has kept on adding new features to the inventory and updates come quickly and frequently. Some details can be really entertaining. The giants in this game are equipped with an “action button,” through which players may command them to dance. People can set up a dancing show to celebrate the establishment of their new world.


There are also other amazing settings. To better “feel” the world as the creator, the game also allows players to go in first person sight and just wander in their dream world. Like other construction games, players need to reap resources to support development. In this game, gold is the most important resource and those lovely goblins help you collect the gold in a very fast manner. You don’t have to wait as long as you do in other games. Also, there is no enemy or blood, and you don’t need to build any defensive construction. A peaceful and calm world totally created by you is all you will have.

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