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Pocket Build is a strategy game released by MoonBear LTD in 2017. It is a fantasy sandbox game designed to unleash players' imaginations about building cities. In the game, players can build anything they want, from castles to animals or entire cities. Players don't have to have any burden because there are no resource limitations in the game.


Pocket Build provides quick tutorials, but the gameplay is simple. Players will start with a blank canvas. Players can freely lay the foundation for your city construction in the game. Players can start by building grass, mountains, and rivers. It's all done in a neat and simple grid system.


In Pocket Build, players can unlock all kinds of objects and creatures, many of which do not exist, such as giants and dinosaurs. This will make the player's world very rich and full of wonderful excitement. In addition, the creatures added in the game can also be active. They either work for you, or they travel around. In addition to the player's own world, you can also explore worlds built by other players. This also means that with just one account, players can also share their creations.


Players don't have to worry about the old-fashioned game getting boring, because the developers of Pocket Build are constantly updating with new content. Pocket Build is adding new content or fixing minor bugs almost every week. So, every time players open the menu, they will always find something new that reignites your interest.


Although Pocket Build is a game, it is more like providing players with a world of peace of mind and relaxation. Here, players have no restrictions and interruptions. Players only need to unleash their curiosity and imagination.


The beauty of Pocket Build is that it allows players to build without goals and limitations. It's all about harnessing the player's creativity and imagination to experience what it's like to be a creator. It provides the player with an exquisite private space. The operation of the game is very simple and even enjoyable. If you are a sandbox game lover or a fan of city-building games, I highly recommend you download this game. In Pocket Build, there is only freedom, calm, imagination, construction, and beauty.

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