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The British hypecasual game developer Kwaless has launched another casual 3D simulation game “Airport Security” in 2021. The game features realistic airport interrogation scenarios with complete custom security experience covering desk inspection, luggage scan, body check, interview room and so. To proceed to the next level, you will always need to keep a sharp eye on each passenger and identify anything suspicious within their luggage, behavior and how they respond to your questions. Never let any suspect go, and never arrest any innocent, either—in both cases you will fail the game. Earn great awards and unlock new outfits and décor to upgrade the terminal as you advanced to next level.


The game is so lively and realistic. During desk inspection, you will be presented with people of different background and your job is to tell who is lying on what. Some passengers may fake their age or name on the passport while some may change their look, and others may even surprise you with cash hidden inside passport and say “you know me”—all these are happening in real airport security every day. Decide to arrest or approve people based on your observation and the information presented on their passport and do your duty to the airport as a real guardian.


The game is more than just "Justice is done" and can be entertaining. A Japanese Ninja with his ninja belt and a throwing star, a woman carrying a bat and a snake claiming that she's a vampire, and maybe a wizard bringing a magic wand and conduct a curse in front of you—you never know whom you gonna meet next. In the interview room, suspect may compliment you or even threaten you to get released. All these dramatic and funny designed story help to offer a real security experience without being too bored. Also, you can decide the color and layout of the scanner, the body detector or even the wallpaper of the terminal. Decorate the airport as your own home can be loads of fun, and having fun and doing justice at the same time is what you can expect from this game.

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