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Airport Security is an airport security-themed casual game released by Kwalee Ltd on October 28, 2021. Players need to check passengers to make sure those who board the plane are allowed there. In this mini-game, players can check passports, check luggage, and load more items. The game is not complicated, but it does have some tricky parts that players need to pay attention to. Whether you are checking passports for the first time, or you've become a master at catching airport suspects.


In the game, if you want to learn to put yourself in the best position for the rope drive, it is best to repeat the level you want to play often so that it goes smoothly on the next roll. When a new challenge comes up, players need to make sure they are told what they are. When the player checks the passport, the player wants to spend as much time as possible looking at all the information the traveler has provided to make sure you check that their pictures match. After the player pats a game character, the player will see the items they are carrying. If they have a green outline, the player can let them pass without arresting the person. But if there is a single red item it means the player must make a capture to handcuff them.


Players can spend the cash they earn on upgrades, which means players can put together a one-time look at what you have. For example, players can unlock new uniforms by watching videos. But uniforms are purely decorative and don't bring any enhancements or enhancements to the game. In most cases, players can't even see them. But if players really want them, be sure to spend the extra time watching videos to unlock them.


Overall, Airport Security is a fun little game. This puzzle game is worth downloading for players who are interested in airport security or want to become security officers. The game itself is not difficult, players need to bring their trusty flashlight and must manage their airport alone. This entertaining process will make players feel relaxed and at the same time have a sense of accomplishment in catching criminals. If you are interested, go to Google Play or App Store to download it now.

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