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Airport Security is a puzzle game for kids. Children need to play the role of airport screeners, checking every passenger at the security checkpoint. Children need to check passports for problems, slap passengers to check their belongings, and arrest them if they see anything suspicious. As passengers pass through your scanner, children can see what they are wearing and carrying. Children must confiscate prohibited items before they are allowed through. If the child lets unsafe items through or confiscates too many non-prohibited items, or makes the line too long, it's game over for the kids.


The game is challenging but not complicated. Through a small prompt at the bottom of the screen, children are told which items are banned and which are allowed again. There is also a row of reference boxes at the top of the screen showing icons for disabled items. This will be very convenient for children to manage the airport.


Airport Security doesn't have any background music but makes a sound when kids click an option. This leaves the kids focused on checking passengers. The controls of the game are also easy to operate. Children simply drag their fingers across the screen to tap the passenger, then tap Arrest or Approve to decide the passenger's fate. But it also determines the children's own destiny in the game. The game has three levels of difficulty, and it gets harder the further you go. But this game is not set up to win, but to persuade and instruct children or other players. In this they are successful.


Overall, Airport Security is a fast-paced and fun game. If you want your children to know some knowledge about airport security or develop career ideas for children's security work. Then you must download this game for your children. This is an excellent mini-game when it comes to developing children's knowledge and responsibility.

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