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Incredibox is a music video game developed and published by the French company So Far So Good (SFSG). The game is designed for players to make music by dragging and dropping sound icons onto different characters. Players can find combos to unlock animated bonuses and record combos to integrate rankings. The game's automatic mode can also be used to generate infinite random combinations.


If you are a music lover, Incredibox is a great choice. What makes Incredibox so simple is a visual representation of the user interface and beats. Players can choose from eight different beat styles. After choosing one, players will be taken to a studio where seven silent members of the game await their quest. The beats are arranged on two rows below them, and all the player has to do is drag one of the beats onto each member. When the player does this, these members start looping the beat. All players must do now is mix and match beats to create unique loops that you can improvise. The interesting thing here is that each beat member has their own style and design, as well as their own unique animation. Every beat is fully animated, which makes Incredibox a lot of fun. Players can even temporarily turn off a beat, then turn it back on to make some changes in your loop. When players are happy with their creation, Incredibox also has a recording feature, so players can keep all their favorite unique beats.


In addition to beat creation, Incredibox has a gaming aspect. Each game theme requires three puzzles to be solved. These puzzles involve trying to form the correct beat groups to unlock animated choruses. This is an interesting addition to Incredibox.


Incredibox purchases are around $4-5. But this game is definitely worth the money. Players can actually make an infinite number of different beats, and the eight styles they offer players are hugely varied. For players who love music making, this is a must-have app. Download it now and try it out.

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