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Family Farm Adventure is a multitasking farm simulation game. The goal of the player is to restore and operate a family farm on a tropical island. You play as Felicia, a photographer who travels back to her home island. There is a storyline in the game, which is pushed forward through conversations and performing various tasks, such as repairing and building homes, growing and harvesting crops, exploring unknown areas, completing orders, and much more. As your adventure goes along the way, the delightful and romantic story unfolds.


This game may be more brain-intensive than you might expect. Similar to most simulation games that don’t require a purchase to install, performing tasks costs you energy points, at least 6 energy points each time. So, you can’t just explore randomly if you don’t want to be disappointed when there are no energy points to do your most anticipated task. This limited amount of energy points pushes you to think hard about how to set your goals and prioritize your tasks. The good news is the upper limit of the energy bar expands as you level up. Also, there are various ways to get more points. First, points will regenerate as time goes by, or you can use gems to help. You will have a cauldron and a juice bar, where you could use candies and fruits to generate more energy points. But still, you can be more strategic to choose tasks that accelerate your levels and bring you more energy points.


What is more exciting about this game is that it is not merely about operating a family farm. You have serval other islands to explore. For example, the first island you unlock is the Lemurian Jungle, where you talk to the native people and help them out in exchange for resources. There are four more islands waiting for you. Moreover, you can play the mini-game (it’s a merging game) to get more rewards. This is a game that requires patience and strategy if you want to thrive! But you can also simply enjoy it by exploring in a way that you want to.

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