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Family Farm Adventure is a business strategy game for Android and iOS published by Century Games.


The player's quest takes Felicia to a new map, explores items in the restored farm, solves mysteries, and discovers new friends and pets. Players need to create a beautiful world and help as many people as possible by managing, producing, and distributing various resources.


In Family Farm Adventure, players will have a fun adventure. Players will explore this mysterious tropical island with the lovely and brave Felicia. The farm was originally a good farm but was destroyed by a sudden earthquake. So, the player must help grandma to restore everything back to normal. Felicia never gives up. So, no matter what difficulties the player encounters, don't give up. Players will find it great to run their own farm. In the beginning, the farm was a mess. But if the player keeps working hard it will turn it into a perfect farm. Players can do a lot of interesting exploration here. And can help grandma to complete various tasks. Of course, players will face serious challenges. But players have to stick to your mission. In addition, the player will encounter different types of hospitality characters to help him in his tasks. Some of them may be strange animals. They can help complete various quests, so players won't be alone in challenging quests.


The graphics of the game are colorful and vivid. The characters have a simple cartoon appearance, which is very appealing to players. But most striking is the scenery. The detailed and well-designed scenery is one of the highlights of a family farm adventure. From jungle and volcanic islands to semi-arid fields and mountain plateaus, the islands are delightful.


Players can customize their own islands. From farming to workshops and houses, to decoration, the island becomes the player's canvas. It's the player's job to use all your skills, energy, and resources to keep the farm afloat and help Felicia prepare for the famous flower festival she loves so much. To complete this difficult task, the player will need money, and for this, the player will need various resources that can be found on different islands. The best way to make money is to grow crops and sell them. As with any farm, the produce and creative goods produced by the player are used to fulfill orders that generate money and experience points.


Games can help players relax. By playing this game, players will restore the balance of mind and body. Also, by playing this game, players will learn a lot about plants and animals. Players are getting richer every day in the game. There will also be various surprises. If you love farm work and are adventurous, Family Farm Adventure will meet your needs. Download and play now.

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