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Family Farm Adventure is a business strategy game published by Century Games Pte. Ltd. In this Android and iOS game, players follow Felicia on a journey to restore her family's flower farm. After an earthquake throws her beloved home in chaos, Felicia arrives in time to clear the rubble and rebuild the village in time for the Flower Festival. Missions take Felicia and players to new maps to explore items on the restored farm, unravel mysteries, and discover new friends and pets. This is a mobile game suitable for the whole family, you can bring your children to experience this game about creating a beautiful world and helping as many people as possible by managing, producing, and distributing various resources.


By playing Family Farm Adventure, you and your kids will have a truly amazing adventure. Your kids will love to explore this mysterious tropical island with the lovely and brave Felicia. She never gives up. So, giving up shouldn't be your child's choice, no matter what kind of difficulties or hardships the child encounters. As your child goes on this adventure, you all encourage your child to persevere. It feels great to run your own farm. In the beginning, the farm was a mess. But if your kids continue your work, turn it into a perfect farm. Your kids can do a lot of fun exploring here. And can help grandma to complete various tasks. You know, this farm was originally a good farm, but it was destroyed by a sudden earthquake. So, the child must help grandma to restore everything back to the way it was. Of course, your child will face tough challenges. But the child should stick to your mission. At the same time, your child will not be alone. The child will encounter different types of hospitality characters to help him with his tasks. Some of them may be strange animals. They can help you with various tasks.


In Family Farm Adventure, your kids can customize their own island. From farming to workshops and houses, to decoration, the island becomes the player's canvas. It's satisfying to take the mess and wreckage to a fully functioning tropical village and farm. It's your and your child's job to use all your skills, energy, and resources to keep the farm afloat and help Felicia prepare for the famous flower festival she loves so much. To accomplish this difficult task, you and your children will need money, and for this, you will need various resources that can be found on different islands. The best way to make money is to grow crops and sell them. As with any farm, the produce, and creative goods you produce are used to fulfill orders that generate money and experience points.


Family Farm Adventure graphics are colorful and vivid. The characters have a simple cartoon look that will appeal to your kids. But most striking is the scenery. The detailed and well-designed scenery is one of the highlights of Family Farm Adventure. From jungles and volcanic islands to semi-arid fields and mountain plateaus, the islands are delightful.


Family Farm Adventure's storyline is fun and fits seamlessly into the gameplay. By building and restoring your own farm bit by bit, your child will gain a great sense of achievement. And since this is not a traditional farming game, you will also have wood shop and flower shop to produce wood and flowers to create some necessary facilities. But this is time consuming. So, if you have enough gems, things will be easy. If you have enough gems, your child can get wood to complete the construction of your workshop in the blink of an eye, otherwise you and your child will have to wait. Therefore, this farm game is perfect for developing kids' patience. Children will experience exciting adventures and the experience of running the perfect farm. It can help you and your child relax. By playing this game, you and your child will regain your mind and body balance. When the child is in a bad mood, especially when you become very upset, it is recommended that you play this game by doing some farm work. Children can restore inner balance by collecting some beautiful flowers and growing crops. Also, by playing this game, your child will also learn a lot about plants and animals. Children will also learn more about farming. And all the hard work of the child will not go to waste. Your children are getting richer every day. If the child is willing to work hard, the child will encounter all kinds of surprises.


If you and your kids love farm work and are adventurous, Family Farm Adventure will meet your needs. There's no reason for you to miss out on an exciting and unique farm game where you can have a good time together.

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