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Do you have a good sense of music? Do you like parkour? Would you like it if I told you there's a game that combines the two? The game is called Muse Dash and was developed by Hasuhasu.


This is an enjoyable music rhythm of the action parkour game, the game mode, and the player can challenge, and there are a wealth of game levels and game copies waiting for you to challenge. The game picture is very exquisite and aesthetically pleasing, has an adorable game character and a cheerful atmosphere of the game. Although the game looks like a parkour game, the main character of each action is to follow the rhythm of music, and the playing is also very fresh. In the game, players can choose the personality of a lovely sister through a variety of fairytale-like scenes to follow the beat of the music, kicking the face of the stupid enemy cute, like gorgeous effects, powerful attributes, and the ability to rank well.


Two kinds of battle mode: Classic Battle You Chase Me, props battle a new experience. Against the Beast King Pandora, the multiplayer stat is heavily weighted and comes out strong. Common phonemes have click, combo, Long Press, co-click, slide pull, and other operations as a music game and different phonemes. However, the play highlights a theme of fighting monsters, which distinguishes it from common phonics. Although the game is divided into up and down buttons, including clicking, co-clicking, double-tapping, long-pressing, and removing sliders, it adds boss scene Interaction, you can say. Let the average sound players be very uncomfortable, habitual thinking to see things to fight, but you have to hide at the same time, increased difficulty. The game color is gorgeous, and the picture is very exquisite. There are many kinds of monsters and many different types of scenes. There are many kinds of bosses, and there are many kinds of attack animation that bring the players a sense of novelty and get the players a different game experience. If you like, now, download it!

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