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If you love music and want to give it a shot to create your own, then don’t miss Incredibox. Created in 2009 by So Far So Good, Incredibox became an instant hit soon after its release. This game is very simple and easy to play. Even people without any music skills can create their own pieces of music right away. You just drag and drop an icon to the animated beatboxers and let them sing your song. Each icon represents a specific sound loop with different styles. Because of the clever design, you won’t make harsh music even if you drag and drop randomly.


If you are not very into music, the game may seem boring at first; but after dragging and dropping the first icon, you just couldn’t stop. There are eight versions in the full game, but if you are not aiming for a professional mixing of music, the four versions in the free demo on the website are enough for you to enjoy the essence. Each version corresponds to different music ingredients that you can choose from. Incredibox is both a game and a tool. It is a game because, in each version, you can discover the proper sound combos to unlock video clips designed by the creator to match the theme of each version. It is also a tool for artists and music lovers to be creative and record and share their work. It can be a music player as well. If you don’t want to create your music, you can let it play automatically and just enjoy the clips.


If you pay close attention to the graphic of this game, you will find that the avatars are delicately designed. The avatar has different outfits in each version and icon, including clothes and accessories. For example, in the version of Sunrise, some icons may make the avatar dress like a native American. In the version of The Love, the avatar may be like an alien. The praise for the designer’s creativity couldn't be more, and it's no wonder that this game has won so many awards.

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