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Among Us is a brave indie game developed by Innersloth LLC. The gameplay is set up with 4-10 people being pushed onto one of three sci-fi maps, requiring maintenance work. Some of them aren't human, it's impostors, more specifically, shape-shifting aliens eager to murder and destroy.


Among Us is an addictive game with surprisingly cute 2D visuals. The basis of the game is a social reasoning game. Players may be crew members or impostors. If the player is an impostor, he must pretend to complete the daily tasks assigned in the game, while quietly killing each crew member. If the player is a crew member, after a body is found in the game, the crew needs to call an emergency meeting for a group chat to try to find out the real identity of the impostor.


The object of the game is that the player with the most votes will be eliminated. At the same time, as an impostor player, you need to try to mislead the other crew members so that they won't be voted, and then, continue their murderous ruse. There's a lot of trickery and psychology at play during gameplay as humans try to figure out who is where, what they're doing, and who might be lying. The impostor needs to win the game by killing the rest of the crew or causing a self-destruct sequence, while the player as a human needs to kill the impostor or win the game by completing all assigned tasks.


Overall, Among Us is a great game, the way the game is played is easy to understand and the controls are simple. But it's a fun game full of clever twists, creative maps, and accessible gameplay. Some of the missions in the game are mini-games. Players need to master and complete it easily on a touch screen via a mouse and keyboard or a control pad. Many players who have played Among Us attest to the unabashed excellence of the game, so I highly recommend downloading this fun, smart, cross-platform multiplayer game.

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