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Among Us is an online multiplayer game published by Innersloth LLC. Many parents have heard their children talk and play video games with their friends online. This game is also really fun. The game resembles a social rendition, a conflict between two teams. The informed minority and the uninformed majority play against each other. While this sounds complicated, the game itself is a very simple concept. In the game, your kids will play as the crew and try to fix their crumbling spaceship while figuring out who is the impostor in the game. If your kid is an impostor, he will need to try to mislead the rest of the crew to keep himself out of the vote, and then, continue their murderous ruse.


At the start of the Among Us game, children are randomly assigned the role of an impostor or crew member. The impostor knows what role each player is assigned, and the crew doesn't know who the bad guys are. If the kid is an impostor, to win, they must kill the entire crew without getting caught. If the kids are the crew and want to win, the kids have to either find out who the impostors are and vote them out of the boat or get the boat repaired by doing small tasks before the impostors can kill everyone.


There are three different maps in the game to explore, and each game only lasts about 10-15 minutes. Kids need to decide by discussing what they see and voting on whether to kick the suspicious player or continue without the elimination. Meanwhile, the impostors will do their best to convince other players that they are good people. So, your children must use logic to move beyond deception and make the right choice.


Among Us is completely free to download, but your kids may have in-app purchases. The purchases are mostly about how the children's characters look on screen. Most are between $1 and $4. This requires parental supervision and control. While Among Us is an online public game, chances are your kids will be playing with people they don't know. However, the game itself does not have a voice chat feature. Children don't chat directly with strangers. If your child is playing with a specific group of friends. As a private game, a password is required. So, strangers cannot enter your children's play space.


At its core, Among Us is a game about teamwork. So, games help to hone children's logical and social skills. I recommend parents download this game for your kids. The game itself is also suitable for adults, so you can play with your kids too. It would be more meaningful and interesting.

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