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If your kids love playing music games, then don't let your kids miss Smash Colors 3D. It's a casual game and suitable for players of any age, so it's perfect for those who want to have fun and enjoy their music. It will take your child into a beautiful world of music. Here, kids can smash circles while listening to their favorite music. It's a fun feeling. This game has no story, mission, or purpose. You just must manipulate the interface and rotate around the shadow. The operation of the game is easy. All the kids must do is keep their avatars on the correct color and avoid other colors. If they fail, the children go back to the beginning of the game. In Smash Colors 3D. Your child will have plenty of joy. Your kids will experience so much in this world of music that they want to make their own music records here.


There are 100 songs to choose from in Smash Colors 3D, and they come in a variety of styles. So, it is impossible for children to get bored with this game. Children will want to try some different styles of songs for a different experience. So, there are many challenges that children must complete. Not only can kids change the music in the game, but they can also change their balls or avatars here based on popular characters like Super Mario, Iron Man, and more. also. Kids can also change their backgrounds and choose from different themes that can be purchased.


The operation of the game is very simple. Kids just need to move their fingers left or right on the screen. Kids can control the entire game with just one finger. If the kids have a good sense of rhythm, they will find it fun and exciting to run along with the cute notes.


Also, the whole scene in Smash Colors 3D is great. The musical notes appear as sparkling rings that guide children through the game until they reach their destination. It's simple for kids to touch the ring of the correct color, they just must touch the ball with the ring of the same color as your ball. Children can run forward at will. But they need to stay focused and try not to let the ball hit any rings of different colors.


Overall, Smash Colors 3D is a fun game, and if your kids like rhythm games, you should download them and try them out.

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