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Candy Crush Saga is a match-3 game. As the player will get various targets on the board that need to be cracked. With addictive gameplay, simple controls, and whimsical circus-themed animations, it's hard not to love the game.


In the game, the player's goal might be as simple as "reach X points in Y moves", but from there, their challenge grows rapidly. Some levels may see ingredients hidden in the candy; players need to safely lower them to the bottom of the board. The other boards are full of jelly-like spaces, and players need to destroy all their goo to get to the next stage. Players can only make a limited number of moves at any stage, so instead of simply finding matches, Candy Crush Saga is all about finding the right match.


The game also adds special challenges to the levels, making them more fun and harder. At various stages throughout the game, players may have to deal with movement restrictions, scoring goals. For example, some levels have jelly-covered spaces that the player needs to clear before they can move on, while others require moving the ingredients to the bottom of the screen. But it's these challenges that make Candy Crush Saga different from other matching games.


In Candy Crush Saga, players start with five lives, and if you don't finish a board, you only lose one life. Even if you lose five times in a row, players will replenish themselves at a rate of once every 30 minutes, so unless you're determined to complete the entire experience in one sitting, you won't see a reason to spend a penny. Candy Crush Saga integrates with Facebook and tracks high scores so players can challenge your friends. Players can also tap Facebook to request extra lives from friends once they have exhausted your lives.


Overall, Candy Crush Saga is an excellent game. It has a beautiful map view with all the stages plotted and will make the player feel like they are on a journey. Moreover, the game's puzzles are challenging and rich, if the player is a fan of an excellent match-3 puzzle game, you must not miss this game Candy Crush Saga.

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