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Terraria is a sandbox game published by 505 Games Srl. In the game your kids have a lot to do, a lot of items to collect, and a lot of things kids can build.


Terraria starts out simple. Your kids are in control of the characters they create as they're dropped into a slightly customized but mostly procedurally generated world with just a few basic tools to begin with. An NPC will give kids some getting started tips to get kids started in this new, fresh world. The world is for children. Children can explore and do what they want. Children have absolute freedom to destroy and create, to explore and to build. However, life in this new world is not without dangers. Children will soon discover that they are not alone and that monsters will hunt you down at every turn. As children explore the world deeper and deeper, they will discover more deadly enemies.


Terraria works well. It always has a smooth frame rate, even when there is a lot of action on the screen during boss fights. Kids will find they keep up well even in handheld mode on small screens. It initially took a minute or two to load the game, but once the kids got into it, the game didn't load anything anymore. This is great as it helps keep your kids immersed in the world and focused on their creations.


Children start out in a whole new world. Kids start with pretty much everything available. Your child will have to gather resources and craft better tools to progress further, as well as craft weapons and armor to protect themselves. There are all kinds of stones, ores, jewelry, and more. Kids can use them to create amazing things, but the most important tool to keep leveling up is the kids' pickaxe. Certain materials require stronger pickaxes to mine, so it's critical that kids' tools are kept up to date with the best resources. This can be challenging for some children. Better materials can provide more protection to armor and do more damage to weapons. Kids can also find tons of accessories for hidden treasures around the world, and even make gadgets like grappling hooks to help them make cave diving easier.


There's still a lot of great stuff in Terraria that I haven't covered, and it's up to your kids to explore on their own. Trust me, Terraria will be appealing enough to kids as soon as your kids start trying it. It offers so much content that kids can keep playing for hundreds of hours. Download it now.

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