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Officially released in 2021, Craft Island is an indie action video game developed by French game developer HOMA Game. In the sandbox game, the player is a victim who falls on a desert island where no other human can be found and will have to struggle and battle nature to survive. The island has full of trees on it. Chop down the trees and collect the logs, use logs to craft buildings, trade wood for coins, and spend coins to expand the island. Trees are unlimited and will re-grow after you chop them down. Different trees have different rewards. There are blue leaf trees that produce more woods and golden trees which always come with a gold chest.


Players will have a realistic experience of surviving the wild and cruel environment. Start with just an ax, discover the unknown areas of the island, craft weapons and traps to defend against horrifying beasts (and even zombies), collect woods to build construction and expand your island to unlock more surprises. Fishing, farming, hunting, crafting, and cultivating, you will be like Robinson Crusoe in the classic novel but with way more modes to choose from, and it means loads of fun. Once you complete one island, just build a port, and explore another new island so the adventure is uninterrupted in this game. It’s also a sense of peace to live with nature and enjoy a world you have all the freedom to shape it to be what you like. Trees, the ocean, and small animals can be so healing when you play the game. The graphic design is lovely, simple yet relaxing, and details are fully considered. You can see weather changes and even fish swimming in the ocean clearly.


It’s also easy to start to follow up. No complicated tutorials that you must go through in the game. Rules and feedback are also intuitive. 

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