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Craft Island is a free mobile game published by HOMA GAMES. It supports iPhone and Android systems. In the game, the player needs to play a lumberjack. The player's task is to expand and upgrade an island. Therefore, players must cut down trees and exchange the logs for coins. Then use coins to unlock parts of the land.


The advantage of Craft Island is that it is easy to pick up, even for players who are not particularly familiar with this type of game. In the first few minutes of the game, there is a rather helpful tutorial sequence. During the tutorial, the player will learn various basics such as how the controls of the game operate and how the player should build things.


The game of Craft Island has two worlds to explore and upgrade. There are more and more trees with each upgrade. The start of Craft Island will equip the player with a normal axe. However, players can cut down more trees by unlocking props. For example, a large axe allows you to cut down more trees. The golden axe can provide infinite damage to the player, allowing the player to knock down all trees with one click. Additionally, there will be a pot of gold coins that will give players extra coins. But the way to unlock items either requires players to watch ads or in-app purchases.


Overall, Craft Island is a great little indie game. It's simple and the levels are easy to complete. Since it's an indie game on the market today, there are ads, lots of ads, but can be bypassed by buying it for $0.99 or just using airplane mode. While the game is easy to win, it's easy to get maximum upgrades for all the player's shops, tools, and houses, and unlock every piece of the island. But players can see that the game is very new, and it will get better, possibly adding new character customizations or character upgrades. Craft Island supports free download and play. Download it now and try it out.

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