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Home Design Makeover is a home design game published by Storm8 Studios. The game provides players with an opportunity to operate in a virtual space to develop their potential in interior design and decoration. Here, players can instantly become interior designers. Players are tasked with using their talents in interior design in this fun-filled virtual world to transform your client's house and then enhance your reputation as an interior designer. It will be a fun experience and very easy for players to learn.


Once the game starts, players will enter their first refurbishment item. The game provides the player with two companions and then a short tutorial. It tells the player what to do here. The main goal of the player is to remodel the client's house. Players need to buy and install various furniture or fixtures like paintings and shelves as well as repair some things. But the operation of the game is very simple. The game provides the player with specific metrics. All the player must do is click on the icon. Players need to complete the task of renovating decorations so that they can earn money from interior design. Additionally, players can play match-3 puzzles. The match-3 game requires players to collect shards by matching 3 or more identical shards. The number of shards the player collects in the game will vary for each level. After the game is over, the game will calculate the player's score and convert it into in-game cash.


Overall, Home Design Makeover is quite challenging. Its renovation plans will excite players. Under the excellent game interface, players can exercise their brains, especially creativity and space design. I am sure, you will love this game of designing old houses into luxurious makeovers. Another great thing about this game is that players can play it anytime. Players only need to download and install a copy of the game on their Android and iOS supported smartphones. So, players don't even need to be connected to the internet every time they want to play the game.

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