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Home Design Makeover is an app for designing homes for kids. Here, your child can design an old house into a luxurious makeover. In this game, your child will gradually develop their latent talent for interior and exterior design. Games will hone children's imaginations and require children to transform the room in a natural style. Whether you prefer to live in a farmhouse or a modern house, the choice is still in your child's hands. Children need to choose accurate colors. Children need to use their common sense to choose whether the styles and colors that appear are the perfect combinations with the furniture, curtains, walls, ceilings, and floors they currently have.


The game begins when the children meet Julia. The kids will work with her to create the living room that your first client Rachel wants. Under Rachel's blueprint for the ideal living space, children can be step-by-step through different furniture choices, including rearranging worn-out beds and ceilings. Home Design Makeover is a game that is easy to use and operate. Children can freely use their imaginations according to certain plans. They can even convert a warehouse into a massage parlor.


Children can watch the replayed video as they complete each room. This will be especially fun. As you progress, the puzzles become more difficult and home improvement starts to cost more. Plus, kids can play match-3 puzzles. This is a simple game. The game requires players to collect shards by matching 3 or more identical shards. I'm sure many kids will love this game that combines a match-3 puzzle game with home design. This will be very novel.


If you want your kids to always want to be interior designers, then you should let your kids try Home Design Makeover. Games will allow your children to learn a lot about designing furniture while having fun.

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