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Congratulations on discovering a fashion and dress-up game! In Covet Fashion, you are an excellent fashion designer, you can choose your favorite clothing brands while shopping and build your digital dream wardrobe. And, you can get various prizes in the game to improve and enlarge your wardrobe and gain fashion recognition from others. The fashion brands in Covet Fashion come from the real world, and you can enjoy them all in the game. Covet Fashion also provides hundreds of unique hairstyles and makeup for you to choose from, and dress up the virtual model according to your preferences. The game is also full of interactivity. In other words, you can challenge different styles of dress-up, show it to other fashion lovers in the game world and win exclusive game prizes by high votes.


You may feel that virtual things are always out of reach and cannot be used. Although this game is a virtual one, the famous brands in it all come from real life. Such a rich brand will definitely bring you an excellent fashion experience and enhance your aesthetic level. In addition, this game not only focuses on clothing but also on accessories, hair and makeup, which will enhance your fashion taste from head to toe. And, you can go for a variety of styling challenges, such as creating events like photo shoots, cocktails and red carpet fittings. In addition, you can find fashion friends who share your interests in the game world, discuss the aesthetics of clothing brands, and exchange all fashion things. Another point, you can even buy game items in real life, become your own model, try these fashion items and pay for your own creative inspiration. If you love fashion, join this beauty game now! Let’s join this beautiful game now!

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