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Covet Fashion: Model Makeover is a shopping and dress-up game published by Crowdstar Inc. This is where players can shop and find their favorite clothing and brands, then build their own dream wardrobe. This is a virtual game that is very popular among female players. In this game, the player's task is to dress up beautiful models. Players must dress appropriately for models and meet exam requirements. After the exam is complete, someone else will vote on whether what the player is doing is meeting the design standards of the fashion industry. If the player achieves 4 or more points, they will receive clothing prizes and money. This money can be reused to buy clothes or equipment. Also, players need to increase the value of their closet by purchasing clothing and equipment, which will help players progress better in the game.


In the game, in addition to the test of dressing up the model, there is also the test of purchasing goods. This requires players to balance the use of their funds. Because players have a limited budget, players need to think carefully about how they can use their money to buy things for greater value without sacrificing the overall look that appears on the model. Of course, players can also top up real money and you will have a lot of in-game money to buy what you want, it will be easy.


Covet Fashion: Model Makeover is a free-to-download game, but players can choose to purchase in-app items for real money. Overall, the game is well made. Games are fun and useful for people who love fashion, shopping and dressing trends. Not only help players learn to dress up, but also let players learn to allocate budget so as not to exceed the set budget. More importantly, it brings fun to players and helps players decompress. Download it now. It will not disappoint players.

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