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Covet Fashion: Model Makeover is a wonderful game that showcases fashion. Fun for kids who love fashion, shopping and dressing trends. This is a dress-up game for kids ages 12 and up. Here, kids will be able to organize their own style wardrobes, then, help their models choose outfits and accessories, make-up, style hair, and complete poses, where they can create a bespoke overall look. Covet Fashion offers variations of virtual models that kids use to showcase their styled looks. When the game first launches, your kids can choose the model's fat and thin, and can choose the model's race. The game models are all very realistic in size. Plus, kids can join or create their own fashion house to chat and share styling tips with other fashionistas.


Covet Fashion: Model Makeover is fun and safe for kids to play with styling. But there are tons of in-app purchases, ads, and links to buy clothing and accessories in the game. To level up or take part in styling challenges, kids may need to spend money on the app. This is something that parents need to pay attention to. But parents can password-protect their kids' ability to make in-app purchases using the Covet Fashion app, or set a budget for clothing purchases within the app. Second, the Covet Fashion app supports chatting with strangers, and while this is a feature that should be monitored, parents also need to know who their kids are communicating with.


During the game, children need to purchase the necessary clothing and equipment for each challenge. At the start of the game, kids have only $5,000 available, so kids need to plan carefully how to use it. Here children will learn how to balance the use of their own money to get the most value for money. The caveat is that children's clothing can be reused many times and cannot be resold after purchase, so make sure every option your child buys. Great prizes will be awarded to children when they win the challenge. All purchases by children will be added to their total wardrobe value. This total score is important for kids because increasing it opens more options for the model's other outfits.


Overall, Covet Fashion is a game that inspires kids' creativity and fashion sense. Kids aspiring to be fashionistas will love creating with the Covet Fashion app. Where kids can mix and match to come up with their own fashion trends. So, parents with children over 12 do not hesitate. Download it now. Currently, it can be downloaded for free from the App Store and Google Play Store.

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