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A casual match-three puzzle game named Lily's Garden launched in 2018. This game was created by the Danish company Tactile Games. Players can upgrade Lily's new property by completing match-three levels. After completing the next match-three level, the serialized story can be seen. There's more to it than a matching and decorating game; it's an exciting story that sets it apart! Lily's great-aunt Mary passed away recently, and now it's up to Lily to fix up her property in 30 days to inherit it outright. Assist Lily in renovating her great-aunt's garden and rediscovering her roots. Experience Lily's interaction with a wide array of colorful characters as she explores a tale full of twists and turns. Keep her rake of an ex-boyfriend Blaine off her turf by starting a romance with Lily's handsome neighbor Luke. Enhance the areas with dozens of customization options and boost them with themed boosters! Discover hidden areas in this heart-warming romantic puzzle game!


Furthermore, you will want to use stars in order to achieve your design goals. You can do that by playing a variety of matching games in Lily's Garden, of which there are hundreds. There are some challenging ones, but luckily, you can earn rewards throughout the game (like boosters) which will help you progress! Find out about hidden secrets and mysteries along the way while you enjoy the plot twists in the story! As you already know, in order to clear them, you must match a minimum of two or more tiles of the same color. No matter what the goal, you need to start by looking at a stack of tiles next to each other of the same color, and then evaluate whether they meet any part of the goal. You can use them to accomplish any goal you have too, if you create power pieces. A power-up is an item you can use to accelerate your progress in the game. As a result of the limited number of moves you have, it will be challenging to complete all objectives. That is where power pieces can come in handy. For each level you complete, you receive coins, so utilize them carefully. Beautiful graphics and a captivating story make Lily's Garden an excellent puzzle game. By choosing decorations for your garden and mansion, you can feel like you're living in the house of your dreams.


Aside from being a fun and beautifully designed game, Lily's Garden is also a wonderful way to de-stress. Enjoy the calming atmosphere of landscaping and yard decorating and take a break from your stressful activities. You will enjoy both restoring your old garden and working side-by-side with Lily and her many friends, both human and animal. There are special events every day, so stop by and participate! You can also enter tournaments to win even more. Playing with others and exchanging lives and game boosters is fun when you're part of a family! As the game develops, they keep adding more blast puzzles and more romantic chapters to Lily's Garden!

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