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Lily's Garden is a three-in-one puzzle game featuring a young accountant named Lily, who discovers that her grandmother left her a legacy, an estate adjoining a large garden. Hidden away from the hustle and bustle of the city for a while, the girl decides to live in her new property and exercise on the farm. Lily was only 30 days old under the terms of her will to restore the garden. Otherwise, Lily will not see any inheritance. Now the heroine faces a daunting task of restoring the garden, which Lily also has to complement by interacting with other people.


Players need to perform tasks in Lily's diary. Players have a total of 30 game days. Each mission consumes a certain number of stars, and stars are earned by completing puzzle levels. The further you play, the harder the puzzles become. Players can take control of Lily's life on her grandmother's estate, solving the task of laying out the garden and communicating with her other characters, all while successfully completing levels and collecting stars.


The main task of the player is to create a beautiful garden, in the process the player will help Lily. When choosing the design of the flower bed, garden path and the flower itself, the player will be given three design options and the player will choose the appropriate one.


Every level in the game is a puzzle. Solve it and the player will move on to the next one. In the puzzles, you need to complete tasks, which are essentially to collect certain items. The missions of the levels are different. The higher the level, the harder the task. The player can use all or more of the amps in the arsenal, the necessary amps are marked in the window before starting the level. Players need to remember that the number of moves per level is limited. The remaining moves are displayed on the right side of the screen, above the items you need to collect. The role of the foreign body is to prevent the player from moving the tiles and build the necessary combinations accordingly. Foreign objects like dandelions disappear from the field when players use bombs and rocket amplifiers or make combinations of tiles of the same color next to them. After successfully completing the mission, you can get story clearance stars and gold coins. If it fails, the player can either complete the level again by clicking "surrender” or buy another 5 moves with a certain number of coins and try to win.


Lily's Garden is a good game. It has an interesting plot. It's not just a "three in a row" puzzle, but a true story unfolding before your eyes. What will happen next, you don't know. The game itself can be compared to the series, with the action happening right before your eyes. Also, the game has beautiful puzzles. All the puzzles are different and beautifully drawn with interesting details. So, Lily's Garden is a match-3 game worth downloading.

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