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Lily's Garden is a match-3 puzzle game released by Tactile Games on April 2, 2019. Although a simple puzzle game, its real appeal lies in the complex layers formed by colorful blocks. Also, the protagonist of this game is a girl named Lily. The game is premised on her story, so it is suitable for girls and will be more empathetic.


The premise of Lily's Garden is that Lily is going through a tough time. She finds out that her useless, cunning boyfriend Brian is cheating on her, and she also inherits a huge fortune from her aunt Mary. Once there, she found a mess in the garden, and only if the place was cleaned up within a month would she be able to keep the estate. Lily's ex-boyfriend Blaine is awful, but the other characters have their secrets and quirks. They also don't always get along, and the reason isn't necessarily anyone's fault. Lily needs to spend some time mediating between people, and while none of them have bad or even unpleasant moments, they're just a little bit at odds. This is a tough challenge. But luckily, Lily's neighbors are friendly, and she'll soon be building a small community. Her neighbor Luke stepped in to fix the gazebo; her new friend Regina came to help with carpentry and related work. Almost all interactions take the form of gardening.


Players solve a level, earning a star. Players can then spend stars on Lily's task list to perform tasks, one star can weed flower beds, but some larger chores are two- or three-star tasks. Every time the player completes a task on the task list, the player is given stories about the people Lily met, how they helped her, what they said to her while she was working. This will be very interesting for players who like episodic games.


From an experience rhythm point of view, Lily's Garden is very well structured. Players can weigh in in strict order, play a level or two, and immediately spend their stars on narrative passages. Or you can play a whole bunch of levels, collect stars, and spend them all on a massive story. It also helps that the gameplay is excellent.


Lily's Garden is a free-to-play game that often invites players to spend money to buy power-ups and extra lives. But it's fun to play even if the player doesn't spend any money. At first, it looked like a simple matching game but quickly turned into a rather complex puzzle game. Lily's Garden isn't about players being perfect enough to do everything and keep everyone happy all the time. It's about being someone who sometimes fails at something, or sometimes has a really bad day, but the player sees that their abilities, hard work, and friendship are enough to keep things going most of the time. So, it's worth trying out for every growing girl.

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