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Minecraft is a sandbox video game developed by Swedish game developer Mojang Studios. The game was first made public in 2009 and fully released in 2011. The game offers you a realistic discovery experience on the blocky 3D world where you can extract raw materials and craft tools, build structures and machines, fight against computer-controlled mobs or compete against other players in the same world. At the beginning of creative mode, what you have is a world filled with animals and landmarks, and you can translate your dream world into reality with unlimited resources. And if you prefer level-challenging, the survival mode features the experience of crafting weapons and armors and fending off evil mobs.


One of the highlights of this game is that the game features strong interaction and immediate feedback and you can fully decide how’s your world look like. You’re allowed to shape the world literarily into anything you want—A Harry Potter magic world, a village full of animals just like a zoo, or any famous and classic world that exists in movies or fiction novels. You can even build your dream house together with your partner. Decide where to put bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, dining room, garden, playroom, and how they look like. You can also add as many details as you can, and the developing team has kept on adding new features or items into the inventory in a very quick manner. Decide the layout of your castle, the color of the wall of your bedroom where you spent time with your boyfriend, and even the color and numbers of swans swimming in your pool. No matter what you’re up to, the game offers you a result, and you will never feel that you are wasting time. Dig the mine to get gold, shake the trees to receive wood, you never know what’s gonna happen unless you do it yourself.

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