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Minecraft is a massively multiplayer online game developed by Mojang. The game is about building an empire. This is accomplished by "mining" resources in the online world, and then crafting those resources into tools that allow players to mine more resources. The resources in the game include rocks, stones, gold, and diamonds. Minecraft was originally marketed to children to allow players to create an avatar and enter the online world without any money or resources. Your child will enter an online world where they play simultaneously with millions of other players from the real world. Minecraft supports interacting with each other using unmoderated chat, even uploading your own content, creating new worlds in the game, and inviting others to play together. If parents are concerned that their children are socializing with strangers on the game. Minecraft has an offline version of the game. Your child will not be able to interact and chat with other users, nor will they be able to enter any user-created world.


On Minecraft, the only advantage kids have is the ability to build, so if your kids need to keep playing, they'll need shelter. Therefore, they were required to collect materials by digging into the surrounding landscape. Dirt, rocks, and trees break down into different cubes that kids can reassemble into building blocks. If the kids want to gather materials faster, they need crafting tools, which require arranging the materials in a special configuration in the kids' inventory or on a special crafting table. If kids don't want to hide in a black hole every time the sun goes down, they better build a better house.


The basic rule of Minecraft is that the player must work for everything. Even figuring out specific recipes to make or how to turn raw pork into mature pork chops requires several steps and a variety of resources. Therefore, children need to try to solve these problems on their own.


Minecraft offers two game modes. Survival mode is more about dodging enemies, building with what kids can find, and exploring surprisingly beautiful landscapes. Creative Mode frees kids from gravity and provides a tray for every block and item in the game, so kids can easily build huge building wins or powerful computers. This sidesteps one of the biggest problems with games, which is that everything takes time. Kids will spend hours collecting materials and then hours building something from those materials. This will reflect the strong creativity of children.


No matter which mode kids play, one of the biggest draws of Minecraft is the way it encourages creativity. The game world is constructed much like a giant Lego block, and kids can destroy, tinker, or add to the environment in any way they see fit. Combining the game world with children's creativity is a very meaningful and joyful thing. I recommend parents download this game for your kids.

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