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Fashion Evolution is a RPG casual mobile game developed by Semih Cihan and available for download on iOS and Android devices. The app is compatible with iOS 11.0 or later. As the game describes, Fashion Evolution is a simple game where players can change your fashion design by adding your year. Through this game, players can appreciate the clothing styles of human beings of different ages. For gamers who like fashion, especially female players, this is a very rewarding game.


The gameplay of Fashion Evolution is very simple, players just need to move the character left and right through the phone. Then, choose your door, and you'll see that, in the game, your clothes will change over the years. From savage costumes from ancient times to costumes of the future beyond the present time. It's very interesting and you'll be amazed at how human clothing and fashion have changed. Players can view almost all eras in fashion history and reach the highest possible year. Hundreds of costumes are waiting for players to explore and learn. Players can unlock all types of new fashions by completing levels. The game will only have more interesting content waiting for players.


Overall, Fashion Evolution is a fun and educational game with great graphics, and you can definitely benefit from a stripped-down version of a fashion RPG. Because everything is very cartoony. The game is full of interesting animations, and the cute shapes are an important attraction for players' interest. Players may experience stuttering while playing the game, which requires players to run the game on a more optimized smartphone. The interface is also very rich and user-friendly, and players won't be confused by what's going on in front of them. I recommend that all players who like fashion go to the Google Store or the Apple Store to download and play.

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