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Magic Tiles 3 is a simulation playing musical instrument game developed by Vietnamese studio Amanotes. It launched on Android in 2017 and iOS a year later. Players must tap the screen at the right time to match the notes of the song. It features different music genres, a wide variety of songs, weekly tournaments with prizes, an online battle mode where players can challenge each other, and more. Magic Tiles 3 has been ranked No. 1 in more than 30 countries and is also the Top 1 music game in more than 140 countries.


If your child likes to play the piano. Then this game is for your kids. Kids can dance with their fingers on these amazing tiles and listen to all those classic songs and beautiful melodies. For kids it would be wonderful. Parents can rest assured that all songs in Magic Tiles 3 are of high quality. In this world of magic tiles, it is very comfortable for children to enjoy the melody and dance.


Magic Tiles 3 may not be complicated enough, but if your kids want to score high and enjoy more rhythm, kids need to get up to speed. Kids can only click on black tiles. If the kids tap or touch the white tiles, they will lose points. The best part about this game is that kids can participate in musical battles against players from all over the world. In addition to single-player games, there are a few other game modes that kids can play. By linking your gaming account to your Facebook account, you can have a musical duel with your kids to see who comes out on top. Kids can also play real-time online battles with other players and earn tons of diamonds and coins. Challenge Mode lets your kids test their limits and complete challenges for even more rewards, while Treasure Hunt mode is where you find treasure chests. But players need a key to open the chest and can only be purchased with real money in the in-game store.


In Magic Tiles 3, as the difficulty of the level increases, your child can unlock more new melodies, which will always bring you a new experience. In addition, children can use other instruments besides the piano, including guitars and drums. Regardless, this will be the most challenging piano game your child will ever play. It is a super fun music rhythm game. High-quality piano music and beautiful game interface are waiting for your child to experience. In addition, a variety of play modes can meet your child's various needs.

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