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My First Makeover: Stylish makeup & fashion design is a light and fun game that is loved by girls who love beauty. In this game, players will become famous stylists that many people know. The player's job is to help your customers become "beautiful women. Players need to keep your customers happy, so they will come back to your store next time."


In the process of starting work, the player will find that your task is not easy, but here the player will become the most satisfied stylist in the customer's heart. Players strive to be the best in the process of changing their customers. Players need to give their clients the makeover they want by choosing fashion, gorgeous hairstyles, glamorous makeup, and luxurious interiors. Players will find a variety of stylish styles to choose from in the game. Like it's a retro-style or a modern style that's trending today. Players can also choose from a wide variety of clothing and fashion apparel to create new looks for their customers. Help them achieve their goals and bravely pursue their dreams. This will be very interesting.


Players can experience this stylish game with their Facebook friends. Games give players the opportunity to share experiences and connect with people who share the same hobbies. Because My First Makeover is an online game, players can meet new people in the game. Players can visit the director's office and support each other.


In addition to giving clients a cosmetic makeover, players can also decorate a new room to match the client's personal style. If the player's room is nicely decorated and makes your customers happy. They may come back with their friends again and again. This is an affirmation for the player as a stylist. Players will have hundreds of puzzles with different levels. You need to solve additional challenges. But it's really addicting. Because these exciting missions will come with great benefits. Additionally, players can customize their avatars so everyone can see them.

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