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My First Makeover: Stylish makeup & fashion design is a fashion dress-up game released by CookApps. If you're a parent with a daughter, be sure to download this fun simulation game for her. Your child will start with the story of a dynamic beauty makeup artist. Then, tackle various customer-requested challenges in the game. Children can choose among them and make appropriate decisions to meet the requirements of these clients. In addition, there are exciting match-3 puzzles to challenge in the game. If the challenge is successful, there are many fun items to offer your child.


In the game, your child will play the role of a beautiful and talented young makeup artist. The task of children is to choose the right hairstyle, choose haute couture, add brilliance to customers, choose trendy and suitable makeup, show personality and charm. Sometimes kids hazily redecorate the luxurious interior of the client's room to give it a luxurious and elegant lifestyle. In the game, no matter what the customer asks, the children must find a way to satisfy them. Kids need to make up for clients, choose clothes and style fashion, and redecorate everything around them to create a trendy, beautiful, and more elegant style.


Every detail of the game is attractive. Your kids will be amazed at the process of transforming clients themselves. From their somewhat messy appearance until they turn into a very attractive person. Children will discover what a rewarding experience the exhilarating feeling of picking the right clothes to dress up a client can be. After playing this game, your kids will learn a lot about your beauty routine.


Overall, My First Makeover: Stylish makeup & fashion design is a stylish and fun game. It has attractive and smooth 3D graphics. The characters in the game are all well designed. Children will understand that everyone has their hidden beauty, and just by looking carefully and deeply, they can know what to do to bring a high degree of satisfaction to their clients. The game will have a strong exercise for children's aesthetic awareness, delicate judgment, and creativity. So, download this game now.

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