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Officially released in 2006, Roblox is an online game creation system developed by US-based video game developer Roblox Corporation. Being a platform of “game manufacturer” rather than a single game, Roblox offers players a wide range of different genres of games from puzzle-solving, animal-adopting, role-playing to space-discovering, battling games, and more. 3D and AR games can also be created on this platform. All these games were created by other players or third-party developers. No advanced programming knowledge is required to make games on Roblox, the platform features intuitive instruction on its unique programming language Lua. Most of the players on this platform are teens or even kids.


Players can have a strong experience of interaction on Roblox. In a traditional single game, the story is already fixed and fully designed, players can only follow the existing procedure and pass level by level as the game is developer-oriented. You may not like the settings, the model of how you earn rewards in the game, and what feedback you may receive when you take a certain action, but you can never change it unless the developer made an update, which may bring new problems without solving the old ones. While on Roblox, you can shape your game whatever you want it to be. If you hate games full of challenge or surviving mode, just create a game where there is no need to defend against your enemy, and if you want the game to be completely free and players never pay cash to buy resources, just make it unlimited. Players can also generate revenue if their games go popular. Team with your friends and make one game together or play games created by each other can be amazing. Hundreds of thousands of games are available if you’d like to play a game, and you can also chat and play with your friends at the same time as what you do on a social media platform. Roblox is a perfect combination of both gaming and connecting with your friends.

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