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Do you want to play a fantastic and exciting game? Hello Neighbor would be a good choice for you. It is a stealth horror game. In this game, you need to sneak into your mysterious neighbor’s house in order to find horrible secrets in his basement. This amazing game could offer you an exciting experience and meet your curiosity. When you explore your neighbor’s house, you need to play against an advanced AI that can imitate you from your every move. What’s more, you need to be careful when choosing your next way. For example, if you plan to climb through the backyard window or sneak through the front door, maybe a bear trap or cameras would catch you. Still worse, your neighbor will find a shortcut and catch you when he notices your actions. In an atmosphere of mystery and a sense of excitement, you will enjoy this game and have fun in the process of the adventure.


Aside from being an exciting adventure game, Hello Neighbor is also a brilliantly designed puzzle game. Firstly, these scenes and roles in this game are vivid and the color combination is perfect that can create a soft, nervous or exciting atmosphere. Therefore, Hello Neighbor can offer you an excellent experience and a joyful environment. Secondly, these well-designed plots and stage sets will inspire your imagination and intelligence. When you find horrible secrets in this house, you need to figure out your next way and make sure it's secure and rational. Thirdly, the horror element in this game can meet many thrill-seekers. As we know, many thrill-seekers tend to play horror games or movies to release their pressure, and many girls also like this kind of entertainment for fun. And the degree of terror in Hello Neighbor is suitable for girls because it won’t be too scary or bloody. Many girls can meet their curiosity for horror and have fun.

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