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Hello Neighbor is a stealth horror game published by tinyBuild. Players need to focus on breaking into the suspicious neighbor's house and get the locked basement and the secrets inside. The player will live across the road from a hermit who seems to be doing something weird. The game's protagonist's curiosity leads the player to infiltrate a neighbor's house and enter his locked basement. This is by no means an easy thing, and players must face a lot of challenges.


The game requires the player to explore the neighbor's house and solve puzzles within its walls to unlock the basement door, and the player avoids getting caught. It is not difficult for the player to dodge and escape from the neighbors, the player can sneak under the bed or in the closet or break the window to distract him. The player will have enough time for him to spot you and run away to react, as well as stop his capture by throwing objects at him.


It's not an easy task for players to complete each activity, but once done, the game improves slightly. The game will have more room to explore and create distance between you and your neighbors, but the game will give the player more time to think about the new situations they face. Games require players to keep trying to know if what they are doing makes sense. But the process will be very interesting.


Overall, the game is excellent, and its visuals are part of the power the game gives it. It has a pleasing cartoon art style, and its interaction with ambient lighting is the highlight of the game. The game is further supplemented by a flashback scene that takes players deep into the backstory of their neighbors. If players like this kind of thrilling stealth game. Please don't 

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