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Hello Neighbor is a stealth survival game. Many kids will love this type of game. In the game, children play a role that has just moved into the community. In the game, because the children's neighbor lives with a strange person, the curiosity of the protagonist of the story forces the children to sneak into the neighbor's house and enter his locked basement.


In the game, the main problem for the children is that because the neighbor's house is so small, it is difficult for the children to sneak into his room without attracting his attention. So, this is the time to test the children. Also, there are many missing puzzles in the game, which can be a difficult start for your kids. And once your neighbor catches the kids, it's game over.


The puzzles in Hello Neighbor can be illogical. In Acts 2 and 3 there are layers of puzzles that are completely disorganized, and children may not be clear about what needs to be done to accomplish the behavior. But as children try and fail many times, they learn what makes sense for the game. This requires patience from the children.


Overall, Hello Neighbor is a difficult stealth horror game. But it has a delightfully striking cartoon art style and often inventive installations built around its core mystery. There is a real sense of imagination and style in the game. Children will love it very much. But it is also a game that requires children to persevere, and victory may require more luck. If kids are struggling to win at the game, they can turn to YouTube for walkthroughs. This is a game that teaches children to overcome difficulties. I recommend parents download it for their kids. It supports players to download in Google Play and App Store.

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