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Maybe, do you like cute, funny animals? Do you like to play action games? Would you be interested if I told you that there is a game out there that combines the two? The game, called Crossy Road, was developed by HIPSTER WHALE. This is a straightforward, immersed, and enjoyable game and the game is specific. You only need to swipe the screen, and small animals slide forward. See, it's elementary and fun, and the only thing you need to do in this game is to help all kinds of animals cross the road safely.


In addition to the road, sometimes have to cross the river and so on, of course, you know, cross the road as much as possible. This game is a test of your reflexes, the game screen with a 3D Lego-style squint, do you like playing Lego peacetime, if you want, then this game you must not miss. The game's design feels very clever, the overall details are handled a lot more carefully, the role of the scene is turned into a square, it seems to be composed of many small squares, in color collocation and color and luster give a person a very comfortable feeling. Let Me Guess What else you care about? Maybe different characters? In the game, there are a variety of characters for players to choose from. The game is a little more complicated, but the game is still relatively simple, that is, the control of the character is not hit by a car, do not fall into the water to cross the river on the safety of the road, the game is endless to cross the street. When playing, you can control the movement of the main characters by sliding your fingers up, down, left and right. The scene inside the game will move up slowly with time. Standing in one place for a long time will be moved by the screen blocked, so please remember to "move.". If you're interested, don't hesitate to download it now!

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