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Crossy Road is a delightful endless arcade jumper game from HIPSTER WHALE. The goal of the game is simple. Players just must jump over obstacles like cars, trains, and logs without getting hit, sinking or swept off the screen. It has multiple game modes with different game elements and gameplay, for example, in the "Australia" mode, the player can jump on the crocodile while crossing the river, but if the player touches the ground with his mouth, the game is over. In other modes, there are police cars and trucks that can skim and run over players in an instant. In short, there are a variety of modes waiting for players to experience.


The gameplay of Crossy Road is very simple and straightforward. Players only need to tap the screen of the mobile phone and continue to advance in the game, at the same time, to move the game character to the left or right. These actions require the player to swipe the phone with their fingers. In addition, every time the player advances, the counter will record how far the player has gone, and at the same time, some gold coins will be collected along the way.


In Crossy Road, players will not only get a great gaming experience but will love its in-game design and colors because they look really good. The blocky style of the game gives Crossy Road its unique style. Players will be fascinated unconsciously. In addition, Crossy Road's sound effects work well together, for example, players can hear the music of passing cars or the sound of a train arriving at a station. These are very visual and make the game more exciting and vivid.


Overall, Crossy Road is a very good puzzle game. It brings infinite challenges to players. Suffice to say, it's a game that's clearly timed and tests the player's reflexes. So, for some people, it is also quite difficult. If players like this kind of game with no goals but challenging leaderboards. Don't miss it and go to Google Play or App Store to download it now.

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