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Outfit Makeover is a game from Supersonic Studios LTD about tweaking your wardrobe, turning faux pas into fashion, and getting some likes in the process. The game is very suitable for girls. It helps girls in desperate need of a makeover to choose highly fashionable clothes and even furniture. The game has challenging fashion-themed puzzles to help girls find the perfect look. But it's actually a very simple experience.


Here are some Outfit Makeover tips and cheats for girls who love to play games. First, when the player pulls the clothes into the correct position in the first part of the level, the player sometimes covers the points with their fingers. But that's okay, your phone will vibrate to alert you when the player moves the cloth to the right spot. Second, the game doesn't have the wrong combination. Players have no wrong answer when it comes to changing the color and material of clothing, choosing shoes and jewelry. This lets the girl's imagination run wild, mix, and match and see what styles you can come up with using the items you have. Third, cute gamers don't just use one pose when taking photos for social media feeds. Players want to mix it up and make your page more diverse. Swap models from time to time. This will make the game more fun. Fourth, the player will spend your cash in the store. Players should use the earned cash to unlock new outfits in the store on the game homepage. Players can also purchase new items while matching outfits to consume in-game. The more you have, the more looks you can make. Fifth, when players organize your gear, click on different parts of the creative menu instead of clicking on the next button. Usually, when the player clicks next, the player must watch the video, and they seem to happen less frequently when the toy manually selects one of the options.


In Outfit Makeover, the player can change his extensive style to what suits you best. Choose from the best clothing, shoes, pants, clothing, accessories and more to use in the game. At the same time, players can enjoy a lot of colors. If you are a girl who likes fashion games, you can download Outfit Makeover now. This way you can choose the right items to complete your wardrobe. Outfit Makeover has a lot of interesting content waiting for you to discover and create, trust me, this is one of the best fashion games.

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