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Cats & Soup is published by Korean studio HIDEA. Cats & Soup is like its name, the game is about cute kittens and lots of food. In the game, players will cook soup for the protagonist of a cute kitten. If you are a gamer who likes cats and food, then this small indie game will be a worthy choice for you. I believe many female friends will like this game.


Cats & Soup takes players into a cute and fun 2D game world. Players will spend time with this adorable kitten. Players need to spend money to decorate their own homes according to your cute cat's preferences. The cat house in the game will be the center of the player's game. Here, players can make soup with their kitty and take part in some fun cooking classes.


The game starts with the player as a cute cat constantly stirring the main soup pot, which the player will then use to prepare delicious dishes. These processes will give the player a certain number of coins. Players can use these coins to acquire other kitchen tools and ingredients to cook dishes, such as carrots, cabbage, or corn soup. At the same time, there are also departments in the game that can produce juices for various foods.


Besides cooking, players have many fun activities. Such as fishing and feeding young mammals to increase affinity. Completing this content players can claim daily rewards and buy decorations to help their cute kittens decorate each room. Players can even build new spaces, collect items, and more.


Overall, this is a very fun, relaxing, and beautiful game. If you like cute kittens and cooking and decorating games. Then this simulation game Cats & Soup is for you to download. It supports iOS and Android systems. Players can download it from Google Play or App Store. Don't hesitate.

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