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Cats & Soup is a pleasing simulation casual game released by HIDEA. The game is a cooking food game with very beautiful and cute cats. This game is great for kids. In addition to helping the kittens cook meals and make drinks, the kids have some fun tasks to complete. Including fishing or decorating a room. Kids can also upgrade or dress their cats in a variety of clothes.


The details of the game animations are very well done. In the environment of the Cats & Soup game, each cat is handled with a unique aesthetic. The kittens and the environment are designed so cutely. The game interface is colorful and even looks handcrafted. Both cute and distinctive. It will be loved by the kids. The game is combined with relaxing music and sound effects, and children will be accompanied by sweet and happy melodies every moment. They will really get a happy and warm gaming experience.


Cats & Soup will bring children a peaceful and happy enjoyment. The game only has a single-player mode. Gameplay is simple. It's as easy for kids to touch the different options that appear on the screen, and each interaction isn't aggression or anxiety for your kids. It's all about the art of letting kids relax and enjoy making and creating. There are so many things kids can do in the game, it will keep your kids busy, but it's a lot of fun.


All in all, Cats & Soup will leave a very sweet and happy taste for your children. While the game looks calm and enjoyable, the gameplay will keep kids hooked. Its simple and objective controls will keep kids at ease and at ease. The game is excellent both in animation and music. Don't hesitate. Download it now for your kids.

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