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Do you feel lonely in the real world? Do you want to have your own Pokémon? This game can take you into the magical world of Pokémon and experience the exciting life fighting with Pokemon. First of all, you need to catch a Pokémon around you, or you can raid a legendary Pokémon with your friends. In this Pokémon GO world, there are more than 500 Pokémon waiting for you to discover. They each have their own abilities and have different appearances. Second, you can fight with other Pokémon trainers to take over the gym for your team, which is an exciting and interesting fight. At the same time, you can also challenge your friends for fun. And you can create your own dreamy Pokémon team in the Pokémon GO world. The Pokémons in this game is very cute, you can interact with them and buddy up with your favorite Pokémon.


This game can dissolve your loneliness. When you feel lonely and bored in the real world, you can try to train your own Pokemon in this virtual game world, they can accompany and interact with you and bring you fun. You can also meet trainers like you in Pokémon GO, make friends with them, fight and upgrade together, and you can also challenge other trainers for excitement. This game can also stimulate your competitive awareness. You can develop strategic battles with your friends, or cultivate your own unique Pokémon team, and earn achievements by winning. Pokémon GO can also satisfy people who want pets. Especially for girls, they like cute pets and are happy to interact with them. This game has various monsters waiting for them. Enter this world full of challenges and fun! Smart and strong monsters are waiting for you to discover, let's fight together with them.

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