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Pokemon Go is a game published by Niantic, Inc. on July 6, 2016. Playing Pokemon Go will still feel like a lot of fun, as it's the closest players will get to catching and training real Pokemon. Pokemon Go has augmented reality (AR) gameplay, but what sets it apart is the scale and scope of its cross-generational appeal. Suffice to say, the game is fun for novice players, and nostalgia for Pokemon fans.


In Pokemon Go, players first sign up for an account, then create a character by choosing customization options for gender, hair, skin color, and clothing. Once done, players can place the game character on your real community map, where you may encounter three traditional starter Pokemon: Charmander, Squirtle, and Bulbasaur. The player can choose whichever they choose initially because the player will eventually get it. In the game, players need to catch Pokemon, but it's an easy task. Players simply activate their smartphone's camera to display the Pokemon in AR mode, with your surroundings in the background. When players get close to Pokemon, they appear on the map. Players simply approach the target and click on it to try to capture it. If the player catches a Pokemon, the player gets some experience points that allow you to level up. The game also offers players rewards like stardust and candies, which players need to level up and evolve their Pokemon.


Also, if a set of rings appears around the Pokemon, it indicates the difficulty of catching it. Green-ringed Pokémon are easy to catch, yellow is moderate, and red is hard to catch. Players can catch critters by swiping Pokeballs towards them or choosing to escape. Players may catch Pokemon if they line up the slides correctly. But on higher difficulties, the Pokemon the player sees can also fight back or run away.


Overall, seeing Pokemon in the real world is an exciting thing. Pokémon Go has turned the world into a Pokémon Zoo, and now every player with a smartphone has the potential to become the owner of a cute Pokemon. In the latest update, Pokemon Go added new Pokemon, added team battles, added a friend feature, and made raid battles easier for users. Suffice to say, being able to capture Pokemon in AR is a very interesting and engaging quest. Especially for true Pokemon fans, it would make more sense. I highly recommend players to download Pokemon Go.

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