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Pokémon Go is a game that blurs the lines between real and virtual. The game uses augmented reality to display all the player's favorite Pokémon characters on the player's screen, with the player's camera in the background, giving the player the feeling of a Pokémon standing in front of you. Pokémon Go was created by augmented reality specialist Niantic Inc. The core of the game is a location-based role-playing series of massively multiplayer games. Parents can rest assured when their kids are playing Pokémon Go. Because Pokémon Go offers parental controls. There will be a Niantic Kids dashboard in the game where parents can log in from their child's device and then have additional monitoring of their kids.


There is a tutorial at the beginning of the game, which will get the kids up to speed on how the game works. While Pokémon Go is an app that uses augmented reality, the game's battles are still a core mechanic of the Pokémon franchise, where kids battle wild Pokémon. Children must use their fingers to throw the Pokémon ball on the screen towards the Pokémon they want to catch. But sometimes pokeballs go where the kids want them to go, and sometimes they don't. There is a circle around the Pokémon the kids are trying to catch, and the longer they slowly put their thumbs on the Pokéball, the longer it will close; if the kids' Pokéball successfully falls within the circle, the kids are better off chance to catch your prey. Additionally, in Pokémon Go, kids can also evolve Pokémon using "candies" associated with their evolution lines.


The biggest advantage of Pokémon Go is that it gives your kids the feeling of being in the world of Pokémon. Because, suddenly, these cute little monsters are part of kids' everyday lives. Kids are like in the world of Pokémon. Also, kids can learn a lot about trainers based on their roster. Including their location, how much time they put into the game. This will make the children's gaming experience more real and meaningful.


I'm sure this must be one of the kids' favorite games. And games have kids having to go out and take risks in the real world to interact with the characters. But parents need to keep their children safe. Because so much about kids venturing into dangerous places just to catch elusive Pokémon. But overall, Pokémon Go is a game to get your kids out and about, and the augmented reality gameplay can be a lot of fun. If you're a parent, I highly recommend downloading this game for your kids.

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