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Have you ever thought about going into Lilliput and becoming a lovely human-like the size of your pocket? Small things are cuter than big ones. In this Pocket Love, you and your partner will turn into cute little people and move into a new home with your favorite pet. Does it sound interesting? Don't miss it if you like cute things and want a pure quiet life. Firstly, the first thing you have to start is to decorate your new home. There are thousands of customization options available in Pocket Love. Use your creativity and turn the empty house into your dreamy home. Then, you need to choose your favorite furniture. And when you enter the showroom, you will be amazed by the variety of furniture inside. You can pick your favorite furniture and place it in your lovely and delicate home. Secondly, Pocket Love is not just a simple decoration game. As you unlock new furniture, you will interact with them in cute and various ways, unlocking special moments to add to your photo album. Isn't it cute? At the same time, this game will also prepare to introduce new features, such as adding more decorative space, let your imagination run wild. In the future, you can also visit your neighbors’ houses to unlock more special cute photos.


This is a game full of healing factors. Through well-designed and lovely graphics and touching interactive scenes, it can make you very relaxed in the game, heal your unhappiness and relieve your stress. When you feel sad or depressed, please enter this miniature version of the world, focus on the decoration, discover the special and normal beauty in life and heal your heart at the same time. This is a story-filled game, kind and lovely girls must not miss.

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