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Pocket Build is a game that can last for a few hours, or for weeks and months on end. You might build your farm in just under ten minutes, or spend dozens of hours carefully crafting the perfect place to start your family. If you love games like Minecraft but have never played something like this before then Pocket Build is the perfect game for you. What makes it even better is that Pocket Build is completely free and so much fun! With some ingenuity, imagination, and creativity you’ll be able to create whatever you want. Pocket Build is like no other sandbox building game. It doesn’t follow the same template as games such as Minecraft and Terraria but has its own unique feel to it. It is also online-based, which makes for some fun multiplayer action for those with friends who are into sandbox-building games as well.


In Pocket Custom you have an infinite block of land where you can build whatever you desire. You can create any layout that you want, with roads, houses, castles, towers, and more. You’ll be able to create your own little world and that's pretty cool. The controls are easy to use and the game is very responsive. The gameplay is very fluid so you’ll never find yourself slowed down by bad controls or a clunky interface. The graphics in Pocket Build look really nice. As with most games of this kind you can change the graphic quality if you have a low-end device or an older device.


Pocket Build is a fun and entertaining game that is great for kids and adults alike. If you love Minecraft but have never played anything like this before then this game could be for you! It’s great for long-term gameplay and will last for years as you create the perfect little fantasy world from scratch. The storyline behind this game may be simple, but the gameplay makes up for it in spades. Enjoy!!

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