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Pocket Love is a simulation game developed by the Mexican game company Hyperbeard. The game is available for iOS and Android devices. In Pocket Love, your kids can build a home with them, just as they would build a family in real life.


When kids buy food, furniture, decorations, and get more pets, they earn love. In the game, children can choose a partner and a pet, which will let children understand the importance of intimacy in advance. Kids can prepare meals for their partner, feed their cat, and customize his house to make it a home. In the game, your child will reward you with love for every task that shows concern for family members.


Another in-game currency in Pocket Love is hearts, which are easy to get if kids choose to have extra pets. Kids can get more hearts by taking care of their pets. But in games, it's not as easy as it seems. It's just as important to take care of your family members, including making main dishes, side dishes, and desserts for them. Kids can win more hearts by getting the right combination of food.


In cute family-style, kids can take pictures with retro cameras and organize them into photo albums. As kids stock up on love, they'll be able to further design your home and unlock more areas, such as gardens, where woodland creatures can help them gain love.


This game is great for children. Pocket Love will bring smiles to your children and lift their spirits. Let children know more about the importance of life and family in the game. There's a lot of cute content in Pocket Love. Its picture aesthetic is lovely, and all assets have been creatively designed to fit within it. There is still a lot of potential in the game for your kids to explore. If you want to find a calm and fun experience for your kids from simulation games, I recommend you to download this Pocket Love game that you can play with your kids, it will be more loving and fun.

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